So Far

A couple of weeks ago, a laxative I took to prepare for a colonoscopy damn near killed me. The abdominal spasms and cramps first made me think I was dieing and then they got bad. Then worse. Until I HOPED I was dieing. So, the day after we moved into our new home, the neighbors watched me leave by ambulance. What a great introduction!

On Labour Day, the first Dr. saw the CT Scan results. A 9 cm mass was completely encircling and constricting my bowel just 5 cm inside me. Imagine tying a knot in a balloon and then trying to force stuff through the knotted section by squeezing the balloon. TMI?

The Scan also showed spots on my liver that suggest metastacy. The scheduled colonoscopy turned into a very brief biopsy exploration. I watched it on TV. Anyone want to read about it?

The biopsies delivered the classic good news/ bad news results. Good; the polyp taken from the wall of my lower intestine was benign. Bad; the chunk of the mass itself was not. The official words are “Invasive Adenocarcinoma”. I’ll let you Google that one yourselves if you want to know more.

That’s all I know so far. I see an Oncologist on the 22nd and the Gastro Dr. again on the 24th. Then we will know more about prognosis, odds & that sort of stuff.

For now, I’ll leave you all with the words of a young nurse from the emergency ward who clearly didn’t know quite what to say, “bowel cancer is a pain in the ass”.


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