No good news

Ok. So its about as bad as it gets. Stage 4, metastasised, likely incurable. The average survival time is around 2 years. There is no identifiable cause, so I can’t even blame anybody or anything.

We’ll be doing a radiation treatment to try to reduce the size of the bowel tumor, and then try a round of chemotherapy to see if it gets us to a point where we can even consider surgery. If the radiation doesn’t work they’ll have to surgically bypass the tumor (colostomy) before they can try chemo.

In the meantime, more CT scans to check the lungs & such & hope the liver is the only organ involved.

I hope I got this all correct. Wendy was there and wasn’t nearly as stoned as I was, so she may have corrections.

No witty words to leave you with at the moment. I’ll take an extra dose of morphine, a nap and get back to you on that.


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