Life continues

Well that was a pleasant evening last night. The co-op social committee hosted a 1950s “sock hop” in the clubhouse complete with a dj and and live performances by the lip synch versions of the likes of Sonny & Cher and The Blues Brothers.

Watching the dance floor moves, I realized that these dancers were in their teens and twenties when the twist was a daring new dance move. Clearly a lot of these people were reliving some fond memories.

The dj made Wendy a little teary when he played our wedding dance song. We danced a little and ate a little and chatted with our new neighbours a little. Mary and Aurell (Wendy’s folks) joined us and must have had an ok time because they said they would do it again.

It was a bit strange to sit through the whole thing without drinking. I tasted Wendy’s caesar but just didn’t want any. Who needs it when I have the best drugs money can buy? And no hang over this morning! Nice.

Looking forward to breaking out the Mexican Train dominos with Amy & Ramsey & whoever else shows up today. But now its nap time! What a great weekend.


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