These Doctors get shit done

Well OK BC health care system! Or at least the few doctors who have taken an interest in me and my faulty parts. I’m impressed so far.

Dr. Shan (Chemotherapy Oncologist) just called me in person to make sure the nursing team reached me about the radiology consult for tomorrow.

Now she wants to move up the next CT scan an earlier date to check my lungs for reasons that are about to become clear.

She has also had a consult with a liver specialist who says the “innumerable” lesions on my liver might not all be related to the cancer. In fact, it is possible that only one of them is. They want to get up close and personal with it via ultrasound and see if he is right. If the ultrasound doesn’t provide a clear picture, they want me in Vancouver for a PET scan in a few weeks.

What this all boils down to is an outside chance of really good news. But only if the lungs are clear so far. Like, maybe even surgically remove all of the cancer.

She made it really clear that she didn’t want to get my hopes up too high or too early, but that we need to get more information quickly.

So fingers crossed everybody. Send good vibes.


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