Wendy steps in. Tag!

At George’s sleepy request (he’s well into the nap zone) I will do the update today (me being his loving and devoted wife ♥). Busy day! The wheels are in motion and appointments being made like crazy. On the way to the Radiologist Oncologist we got a call for an appointment for an emergency ultra sound for tomorrow at 7 a.m. This is to check to see if there are any other affected areas above his waist line. The R/O doctor we saw today has given us his game plan. He will be working closely with the Chemo Oncologist in developing a major attack both the tumor and the spot/s on his liver. They plan on doing both radiation and chemo therapy at the same time, chemo actually makes the radiation work better. The radiation treatments will be daily and very aggressive lasting for between 3-5 weeks. Their hope is to shrink the large tumor considerably and get it under control and shrink the spot/s on his liver. The doctors are thinking/hoping that only one of the spots on his liver are related to the tumor. They will know more after his scan on Friday. Before the radiation can begin there needs to be another scan done where the R/O doctor can see the tumor and plan his attack on the sucker. He will actually map out the areas where the radiation is to go and where it isn’t. I’m going to leave the rest up to my husband….he will probably correct me here and there and add some of his own words. Love to you all; keep doing what you are doing…..it’s working! heart emoticon


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