Radiation tests

Just got home from the CT for planning the radiation treatment. Well, not really, but I did just wake up from the nap I had a soon as I got home.

The process took much longer than it should have because, instead of telling me I needed to have a full bladder, they just told me to bring a water bottle. Then told me 20 minutes before the test to drink 500ml of water. I could have told them it takes a LOT longer than that for any drinking to affect my bladder. Even after another liter of water and 45 minutes later, they said my bladder was still not full enough. Eventually they got what they needed though and they left 3 little tattoos to guide future explorers.

Now we wait again for assessment of the data they got and planning of the treatments themselves.

I did get to talk to Dr. Rose (radiation oncologist) about the tests last week though. Do you want the good news first or the bad news last? OK then, the CT scan on Friday showed only two small lymph nodes on my lungs, which are not unusual and probably entirely unrelated to the cancer. The ultrasound on the liver, however, showed “several” lesions that might be related and the largest is about 3cm (a month ago they said 2cm). The difference in size might be from more accurate measuring rather than growth of the lesion. They still need the opinion of a surgeon.

And the BEST news! I am assured that during and after the treatments, I will be able to play the piano. I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano.


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