Improving news

My medical oncologist is back from vacation and called this morning to update and prepare me for radiation and chemo treatment. She has the results from the PET scan and is very happy to see no other metastatic spread other than to the liver. Great news from the liver too. The PET scan shows definitively that the cancer is just a few lesions and only on one lobe. Thats a good thing. She is sending me to a consult with a surgeon right away so they can determine just how likely it is that a good sharp knife will be useful, and when.

In the meantime we will be starting radiation and chemo. The chemicals will be in the form of pills for now. That’s all that is needed to enhance the effects of the radiation. The IV chemo will come later, maybe, once we see the results of radiation. There is a possibility we could go directly to surgery and not use the heavy chemo at all this time around.

So the radiation planning is done and the chemo prescription will be ready Thursday. We will get started soon.

I talked to her about pain as well. She was happy with what my GP has been doing but agreed to refer me to a pain specialist anyway just for my peace of mind. The great thing about that is she said it might take 4 weeks or more to get in to see the pain guy and, if the radiation & chemo work, I might be out of pain by then. But I can always cancel the appointment. Could it really be true? I thought pain was just my new normal.

I have been thinking about luck. One of my pet peeves has always been those survivors of car & plane crashes and other disasters who say how lucky they are. I want to scream at them, “how can you feel LUCKY to have been in a freaking accident?” I’ve always thought of them as less unlucky than those who didn’t survive, but lucky? Hells no!

Well I have a stage 4 cancer that has metastasised and should be fatal. It turns out to be an extremely unusual cancer with metastases limited to a few lesions on ONE lobe of my liver (the ONLY organ we have that regenerates if you cut it in half.). I’m feeling pretty damn lucky.


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