Chemo teach

We’re off to the Cancer Clinic to watch a movie about chemotherapy. They showed me one about radiation a couple weeks ago but Wendy didn’t get to see it. Maybe we can talk them into a double feature this morning.

I complained last time they didn’t supply popcorn and the nurse told me chemo patients can’t be around the stuff. I got the idea it triggers nausea. Maybe we’ll just take a big bag of M&Ms.

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve been worrying about everything I can think of to worry about. So that’s done. I have this strange feeling that the tumor has moved 6 inches to the left so the radiation will miss it completely ànd zap my bladder instead. Sneaky little bastard is trying to kill me, I think.

If tomorrow marks day one of 35 days of treatment, I should be fully cooked by November 24. Let’s all cross our fingers for limited side effects. After all, I know how you all envy my long luxurious head of hair.

Well I should probably get out of bed and have a shower before we go. I still need to wash off the rest of the smelly orange disinfectant they painted me with on Friday. Oh! That reminds me. The Power Port surgery has healed, most of the itching seems to be done. It feels strange to have this lump, like a third nipple, on my chest. But I’m getting used to it.

Have a great day everyone!

P.S. did I mention we have a comfy Queen size bed in our guest room?


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