Half way point

Half way through round one. I’m still on my feet. Last week was great. Easy. Painless. That was last week.

They still say it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I really can’t complain much but this week is delivering on a fair amount of the pain, inflammation and discomfort that was promised. And I thought I might miss out on that part of the whole experience. Silly me.

I met with both oncologists today and each of them commented on the very real possibility that surgery could become an option. Although I can expect the pain and inflammation to get worse over the next couple of weeks, those will all go away after a few weeks to heal.

Then we start the Chemo for real. The one that they’ll pump into me through the fancy Power Port attached to my Jugular vein. Apparently that treatment affects the patient more “systemically ” but is no more difficult to handle than the radiation and chemo combined.

I have an appointment with the surgeon next Thursday. This will be to decide whether I am a good candidate for surgery generally. The details of whether the tumors are operable will come later; after the full radiation & chemo. I guess he wants to see if I am in decent enough shape to operate on, but maybe he wants to get to know me and see if he figures I am worth saving. Maybe I need to bring him a bottle of scotch.

It’s nap time now. Gonna curl up with a book and let the rest of the day just happen.


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