Walking is good

Feeling good today people! I slept in this morning until nearly 9:00 and missed my morning pain meds. I was tempted to just skip it because I didn’t feel too bad. But, as my wonderful wife pointed out as she stuffed the capsules between my lips before she let me have any coffee, we know what degrees of pain potential are there and have learned not to make any sudden changes. I dutifully swallowed and we decided to step out for the morning just to enjoy the fact the we could.

A walk around the ponds at Aldergrove Park made me realize how much time I have been spending in bed or on the couch. It was threatening rain but didn’t. Cool but not cold. We met a park ranger who thought Wendy was taking pictures of her. She wasn’t.

I hope after the radiation is done I will have more energy to get out and get some more much needed exercise. It doesn’t do a body much good to rid it of the cancer but let it waste away from pure idleness. Note to self: Get a good pair of walking shoes.


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