A note from Wendy

So now the real wait begins. The radiation is still doing its job, awaiting the surgeon’s call and the reality of how much “Harper” has shrunk. George’s immune system is and will remain compromised for an unknown length of time to come. We need to continue beefing him up so he will have the strength to recover from 2 major surgeries and the next round of REAL chemo. Help us fight the other enemies that come with treatment: germs. All his energy needs to go into getting stronger so he can continue this battle with evil. Our home is a safe haven (knock on wood), we’ve both had flu shots and I avoid anyone who might have a bug to share when I’m out in the real world. George, Billie and I welcome your visit (we have a lovely spare room). Your thoughtful words and prayers mean more than you will ever know. Much love and hugs, Wendy


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