Moving right along

Things continue to move along. Its hard to remember the waiting days when it seemed forever would be a historical concept before I would know anything. Now it all seems to be happening so fast its a bit frightening.

My surgeon initially wanted an MRI done in early January and expected to cut me open a few weeks later. I would be waiting to start chemotherapy until I healed from the surgery in late February.

Suddenly the MRI is next week and we are embarking on a chemo journey starting tomorrow. I’m not ready to be injected with a cocktail of cancer poisons tomorrow. A body needs a little time to adjust to the idea!

The swift response here is reassuring and frightening at the same time. I’m so accustomed to stories of notorious hospital waiting lists and delays that I’m a bit startled in the face of efficiency. I’m not some celebrity or sport figure or other queue jumping superstar so there must be some other reason for the uncharacteristic efficiency. Is there something they aren’t telling me? No! They are just a very very good team! I am a pretty lucky guy considering the horrible luck that landed me here.

Now seriously though, I have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday for Wendy’s office. Are these chemicals coursing through my system going to interfere with my social life? I simply cannot allow it. Wrap me up in an ugly Christmas sweater and wheel me into the party. If I nod off just prop me up in the corner with a glass of eggnog. The party, like the proverbial show, must go on.

This medical team is the best gift I could ask for. Merry Christmas to me!

And to all of you.


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