Surprise side effect

Here’s something strange and wonderful about chemo treatment. I think it is clearing up my psoriasis. Strange but true. I’m not saying I would recommend it as a treatment, but it’s a nice side effect.

Just over half way through this first chemo and I’m feeling pretty good these days. I just realized this round ends on Christmas day. Its the gift I didn’t know I always wanted. The dark horrors of last Monday Tuesday have faded to a queasy memory.

We learned a lot from this round. Next time we will be prepared. We’ll stock up on the best anti-nausia drugs, make more of an effort to stay hydrated and I’m thinking about getting sleeping pills so I can sink into a self-induced coma for the worst three days. I don’t need to worry about it until February, so I’ll stop dwelling on it for now.

Be at peace my friends. Hug everyone you love. Cherish them. Most importantly, allow those who love you to cherish you. Be loved. Be kind.

Merry Christmas.


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