At least I have my indifference.


Snowboarding anyone?

Time for an update? Its been a while- a week?- since my last contribution to this page. I have no excuse other than a lack of news.

Now we know a little more about the near future. I have an appointment with a surgeon! The right surgeon this time, I hope. We go into the city to see a guy at St. Paul’s next Monday. I also have the next CT scan later next week that will tell us how well the radiation worked.

Speaking of the radiation, it is still working me thinks. Gawdawful trips to the bathroom upon a split second’s notice. You just haven’t lived until you awake in the deep of the night and have to instantly assess the situation and be in the bathroom before your eyes have time to open. Ok, maybe its not quite that dramatic, but I do need to stay within a few minutes of a washroom. It limits the mobility.

I am weak and tired all the time. I went for a short walk today, fetched the mail, and walking up the hill to the house winded me. I was forced to have a nap. I need to get more exercise. I don’t think I can blame that on the radiation though. I have been about as active as a glacier for the last couple months.

So who wants to go skiing? Hiking? Rock climbing? I can be ready to go by 8:00 am and will eagerly watch you; provided there is a washroom nearby.