The radiation worked

I was back in the hospital yesterday, all by myself, to have my Power Port flushed. If it isnt used for a month they need to run some saline through it to make certain it doesn’t get plugged or heal over. It took the nurse ages to get around to doing it and then the whole process took about 30 seconds. I get a lot better attention when my Wendy is there.

I may have forgotten to tell you about my follow up appointment with the radiation oncologist. He asked me a few questions about bowel movements, pain and surgery plans. “Near normal, none and coming soon”, I answered. He pronounced the radiation treatment a success, told me to call him if I need help and reassured me that we’ve created the best situation achievable for the surgery.

I told him about the MRI results and the surgeon’s concerns about size and location. With MRI results from the middle of December he said there was a good two or three additional weeks of cooking after that scan. So the reality will be better than what the surgeon saw in those images.

I’m hearing a lot more positives from these doctors lately. Sounds like they think I have a real shot at coming out of this alive. Since that is, after all, the goal we are aiming for, I’m going to believe they know what they’re talking about.

I had four part prescription for all sorts of special drugs to get my bowels ready for slicing and dicing. I had to take it to a special “compounding” pharmacy. Got that done yesterday too. So I am all set to receive the phone call setting the date.

One of the four items is apparently unavailable. Its a Carbo Load compound consisting of Maltodextrine and sugar. I called the doctor’s office to ask if there was an alternative and she said to drink lots of fruit juices; I just need to consume lots of natural sugars. It seems they don’t want me to starve to death on the operating table. There isn’t much risk of that anyway. I gained about 15 pounds over the holidays.

If I knew the date of the surgery I would be counting the days with a mix of eager anticipation and nervous dread. I’ve never had major surgery before. Maybe I should go in for an appendectomy or something just for the practice. There are so many new things happening to me that its difficult to process it all. The surgery itself, general anesthetic, and most daunting of all, a whole week of hospital food. Maybe that’s why they want me to carb load before I go in.

I think I’ll have a snack.


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