Save the date

Okay everybody, this is your Save-The-Date message. Don’t plan anything for January 29th that requires the use of your fingers. I’ll be asking you to keep them firmly crossed. Thats right! I have a surgery date.

Dr. Brown’s office called this morning with the news. They have been looking for a second pair of hands to assist and they found another surgeon who will operate on a Friday. The nurse who called actually asked me if I would be available that day. I laughed. She said I would be surprised how many people say, “that isn’t a good day for me”. I think that’s astonishing. What could be so important that a person doesn’t have time that day to have the country’s best surgeon save his life?

I am told I can expect another call later today or tomorrow for a pre-surgery appointment with the OR nurse, stoma care training and anesthesia information. They’ll also be doing blood tests and x-rays to make sure I’m healthy enough to operate on. It seems strange. I need to be well enough to undergo the procedure but sick enough to need the surgery. Thank goodness I have my health.

Sounds like the pre-surgery will be a busy day. She said plan to be there for 3 or 4 hours. “Gee, I dunno”, I said, “I am supposed to have lunch with my sister that day.” She laughed. We’re even.


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