Happy New Year

Scar Wars
The Forces Re-Awaken.

The New Year will begin with a rush of activity in the war against the rebel cells that have invaded previously peaceful sectors of my body. The nuclear response of 2015, supplemented by strategic chemical warfare, wiped out millions but the war is not over. Its time for boots on the groin. A series of surgical strikes will remove the occupied sectors and take the rebels with them…

OK thats enough of that. I’m meeting with Dr. Carl Brown on Monday to discuss the intestinal surgery. I’m hoping his team was successful in finding me a date in late January. The plan is to remove a couple feet of colon along with the main tumor and all of the associated lymph nodes. Once that has been done, as I understand it, the danger of further metastacy is reduced.

Once all the openings have sealed and healed, its back to the chemo for a few rounds to see if the remaining lesions respond positively. If all goes well, the second surgeon will take half my liver sometime in the summer; ending the war on cancer in my little corner of the world.

One way or the other, 2016 will be one year to remember. With the encouragement from all of you, my friends and family, and with the fierce dedication and support from my wonderful wife, Wendy Gould, I will make this year count.

Wishing all of you all the happiness, prosperity and new beginnings that a fresh start promises; Happy New Year Everyone!