Phantom poops

I have phantom poops.

Like losing a leg and having itchy toes later, I get that feeling of slight pressure that comes just before the urge that says, “get thee to a toilet”. From what I understand, the lower bowel still works even though no food gets to it any more. Still absorbing water and producing mucosa and churning around but any gasses and such actually go out the ileostomy. It works from both directions!

I’m a little stronger and have a little less pain every day now. By June or so I’ll be Superman if they don’t stop me soon. Thankfully I won’t have to wear the silly blue tights and red cape. They intend to start pumping me full of chemicals again on the 14th, so that should put an end to this “improving” silliness.

I’m having a lovely visit with one sister and have the other one coming for a few days starting Saturday so may not be posting on here as often as I would like. Please don’t feel neglected my friends.

Tea time! Later, my friends.


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