Free at last

The last of the contraptions is removed. Free at last! Everything between the nurse’s hands was inside me sucking up fluids for a week.

Guess who is going home today?


Stay humble, my friends

With great caution and plenty of touching wood and finger crossing, I am ready to say I am feeling a lot better today. My last post was a euphoric celebration of my new being. There is a universe of hurt for the recklessly optimistic under the eyes of the hospital gods. A universe full of puke, blood, seeping wounds, pain, swelling, immobility, lack of appetite and sweaty foreheads. Brag about healing fast and you will be punished.

Ironically, I got some appetite back this morning just as they put me on a “full fluids” diet. I slurped a little cream of wheat for breakfast and was presented with plain chicken broth and ice cream for lunch. With the benefit of my loving wife’s foresight I was able to add a few crackers. I’ve asked them to put me back on regular ileostomy diet.

It’s been a dark few days and I see from the other posts here that everyone has been pulling for me. Thank you all so much. Emerging to those messages has ignited real hope for good days to come. Please keep supporting Wendy. This isn’t easy for either of us.

Nap time. Enjoy your poops.