Looking good

I have, successfully I hope, copied all of the old posts from the facebook blog to this page. I think I have them all posted to the correct date but, if not, perhaps the jumbled order will improve readability.  You can browse them by date if you find the “Archives” in the menu on the left.

Halfway through round two of chemo now. Or round one of this series if we don’t count the December session.  The nausea is mostly gone and I don’t need the pills to temper the urge to puke.  I’ve also forgotten to take any morphine for the last 24 hours.  So much for tapering off carefully.  Thankfully there doesn’t appear to be any monkey on my back other than the one that carries my scotch bottle, and he’s getting bored for lack of attention.

If you haven’t already Followed this new blog, take a minute to explore the menu. Registering to follow it will result in email notifications to help you never miss another word I write.  Don’t let that fact stop you.  Oh, and there is a “comment” link below every post. Please feel invited to use it.

At least half of your friends have someone in their lives struggling with the cancer dragon. Please make a habit of sharing these posts and encouraging them to visit.

Get tested,



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