As of today I aspire to being unremarkable. I used to want to be unique and successful like everyone else but I have discovered that unremarkable is the best I can hope for this year.

It seems like a less than inspirational goal, I know, but “unremarkable”, is the word doctors use when they analyse a scan that shows no abnormalities. No cancer.

Lets all be unremarkable together.

Get tested,



4 thoughts on “Unremarkable

  1. I’m working my way through your blogs, I’ve always wanted to be unique and be able to do something meaningful with my life…. ill health has robbed me of this. I would never imagine to want to be Unremarkable, until I read your blog. After 7 agonising days of waiting for results of cancer tumour markers for ovarian cancer, I got a snapshot this life. Thankfully The results were normal but probably looking at operation number 4 this year. I would love my impending MRI to be Unremarkable too. Keep writing, we are all out here listening.


  2. Anonymous

    This is your most unremarkable post yet and because of that it’s remarkable. Is it remarkable because I only respond in this way because it’s unremarkable? But if I only made this comment because it’s unremarkable, it’s remarkable, or is it still unremarkable… I’m confused. Hang on, the remarkable nature of something unremarkable is that it’s unremarkable whereas something remarkable is remarkable because most other things are unremarkable, therefore something unremarkable is unremarkable simply because what isn’t unremarkable is remarkable and that is less than what is unremarkable. Let’s say 10% of all unremarkable things are remarkable. No, 10% is unique. Say 1% is remarkable. Again, no. 1% is unfuckingbelievable. Let’s say, for argument sake, 5% is remarkable. Therefore everything else, unique, unfuckingbelievable or whatever, must be unremarkable for the very fact that it isn’t remarkable. But there are many steps in between remarkable and unremarkable, as we already established some, like, unique and unfuckingbelievable. There is also amazing, say 7%, fuck me 3%, mother fucker 2%, brilliant has got to be about 15%, amazing 12%, astonishing we almost forgot! That’s at least 4%. You get my point. If you add all of these together, leaving out remarkable, which is 5%, surely the rest must add up to at least 85%. Then when you consider the unknown, or events that have not yet occurred, which we would all agree could easily be more unfuckingbelievable than unfuckingbelievable, this leaves less than 5% left for unremarkable, which automatically makes unremarkable remarkable.

    Therefore! You’re right, you are quite unremarkable. Hang on…

    I have it all written down somewhere, should anyone need the full calculations.


  3. Anonymous

    I have never thought that “unremarkable” was something to aspire to, however you have illuminated a focus that never occurred to me… Thank You for this insight.


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