Training Wheels Off

I woke up this morning at 4 AM as though someone had flipped my awake switch. Those six hours were the best and longest sleep I have had in many months.  I will never be able to thank Wendy enough for saving me the agony of another night in Emergency. 

Back at the hospital I was ensconced in a nice comfy recliner with a new hole in my arm waiting to be sent for the echocardiogram. This Dalteparin stuff is amazing (I was mistaken about the Heparin). Monday I had trouble getting to a bathroom and back. Today my heart is having such a gleefully easy time pushing my thin blood around that I’m having trouble sitting still.

Around 9 AM the nurses told me the echocardiogram was not going to happen today but the Dr wanted to talk to me before I would be discharged. She showed up about 2 PM, asked me how I felt and said I could go home. Grrrr. At least they fed me a not too horrible bowl of chili for lunch along with chocolate pudding.

I’m home with my very first, very own vial of Dalteparin and a fist full of syringes as a starter pack until we go to the pharmacist. My post surgery syringes were fat little spring loaded affairs sort of like an Epipen. These are the real thing! Just like the ones you find in the park on Sunday mornings.

The nurse who showed me how to load the syringe from the little bottle thought it was hilarious that I wanted the spring loaded units I was familiar with. She looked at me like I was asking for training wheels on my bicycle. Her explanation of the advantages of big boy needles left me in some doubt until I actually tried it myself. The little sharp pointy part of my new needle is much thinner than the training wheel version. Way less painful and, even with my super-thin new blood, there was no bleeding or bruising. I was sold.

She has also saved me the inconvenience of using 2 needles a day. The old pre-loaded versions don’t come in 20,000 units. I would have had to use an 18,000 and a 2,000 every day. Now I just suck up 20,000 units and slam it home. I’ve done it once, so now I’m a pro.

It’s 3:30 and I’m home again. It’s 21 degrees outside, the sun is shining and I have an astonishing amount of energy. I’m going for a walk!


One thought on “Training Wheels Off

  1. Well, I LOVE this. The part about the walk, what you wrote here: These are the real thing! Just like the ones you find in the park on Sunday mornings.(made me snort laugh). I don’t love the part about you not getting an echocardiogram. 😦

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