It’s Lotto Day

This morning we are off to VGH to see the liver surgeon. I’m a nervous wreck. This is when he decides if surgery is viable or not. He won’t do it at all unless the cancer is responding to the Chemo.
The CT scan I had last week should tell him whether the chemo is working. When I had a scan two weeks ago that discovered the clots in my artery, the tech said the lesions on my liver were bigger than they were in December. That sounds bad but isn’t necessarily horrible news. The on8116055362_beb0c08f67_kcologist says the new scan will tell us if the bigger lesions are half dead from the chemo. That would be good news.
I hate not knowing but I dread being told the worst. Still, as long as I don’t get the bad news there is hope. It’s like having a lottery ticket. I always feel rich until the draw is done.
Today the draw will be done..

5 thoughts on “It’s Lotto Day


    Anticipation is a weird emotion to be sure… But you have a ticket (to win) and that says volumes at BEing in the run. Good luck as we say to lottery players 🙂


  2. Bev Mitchell

    Well George there are lots of ways of winning the lottery, you might end up with that whole jackpot but getting a share of the pot is also a good thing. As long as you get a prize, even a small one, means you are still in the game and can keep playing.

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