The news today was neither bad nor good.  It was the most frustrating of outcomes; inconclusive.

cropped-12833462_748420765295023_666796293_n.jpgDr. Chung says there are still six tumors on my liver. Good. Two are larger than they were in December and four are the same. Not so good. There appears to be some sign of dead tissue in some of them but not enough to say that this cancer responds to chemo sufficiently to warrant slicing out a big chunk of liver.  So we just don’t know.

He ordered another CT scan for six weeks from now hoping we can get three more rounds of chemo into me in the meantime. I’m waiting for a call from the chemo clinic to restart my treatments which were postponed due to chest pains.  Now that we have identified the source (pulmonary embolisms) and thinned my blood sufficiently, we can start poisoning me again.

I whined to the oncologist last week that the last round of chemo caused severe cold sensitivity in my fingers and toes. Picking up anything out of the fridge was excruciating. Anything frozen was like handling hot coals.  I was pretty sure those meds needed some adjusting before permanent nerve damage was done.  She assured me this is a perfectly normal, minor side effect and there is a lot worse to look forward to.  I should talk to her about it again when I need to wear gloves to pick up a pencil.

While we wait for the call I’ll sip tea and learn to type with gloves on.




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