Chemo starts again

Today we recommence pumping poison into my veins to combat the cancer on my liver and in my blood.  I’m hoping the nurses in the chamo clinic will be able to tell me why every square inch of my skin often itches so badly I want to scream in frustration.  I suspect it is a side effect of the Dalteparin that is thinning my blood enough for my heart to push it past the clots in my artery. There are moments when I would prefer the clogged up circulatory system to the raging itchiness.

I have an appointment next week with the Hematologist in Vancouver who, as I understand it, will be able to assess the thinness of my vital fluid and adjust the thinners appropriately.  Maybe that will help.

Well, time to head for the chemo clinic.  Besides, I can’t think of anything more to write.


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