Itchy and Scratchy

I’m experimenting with different brands of Heparin to see if we can find one I’m not allergic to. Tiny pustules and blotches of rash have me scratching like Heat-Rash-Blisterssome demented ape with a serious flea problem. Allergy medication helps to some extent but if I’m on this stuff for life I would rather not be using antihistamines every day. It gets expensive.

So far dalteparin and tinzaparineedlen are a no-go. I think the next one is enoxaparin. Brief research suggests fraxiparin, reviparin, nadroparin, bemiparin and certoparin might be on the list to try. Hopefully I won’t be allergic to enoxa, fraxi, revi, nadro, bemi or certo.  But with my luck lately it will turn out my allergic reactions come from the parin.  I just hope I don’t run across one that makes me go anaphylactic.

I am thankful that the things that go wrong (aside from the Pulmonary Embolism) are mostly the little things that are unlikely to kill me.  A mild allergy is little more than a mild inconvenience in the scope of everything else my body is attempting to kill me with. Like my uncle Olaf, after falling into a threshing machine, told his doctor, “dying is the last thing I intend to do”.

So far, so good.

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3 thoughts on “Itchy and Scratchy

  1. Myself and my mokos (grandchildren) have reactions to most things that usually show up in a beautiful rash like you’ve presented above. If your thinking ‘natural’ remedy, Calendula Cream works a treat as its quite gentle. If you don’t mind the non natural, Pimfacort (think I may have spelt that wrong) also works well. The rest of it I know nothing about.

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