Inspiring feedback

I am honored and inspired by the feedback and support for my blog and for the Canadian Bucket List Foundation.  It’s exhausting. I love it.

Among the dozens of comments, tweets, shares and blog comments I have received in the past few days, there is one that stands outinspire for me as a shining example of empathy, understanding and bucket list spirit. KH shared this on my blog:

When I was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago that was my one biggest regret at the time…that my life did not have any significance, that there wasn’t one dream of anything I had wanted to do with my life come to fruition. That made me incredibly sad.

Yes I know as a mom of 3 and now a grandmother of 4 people told me that was my legacy. But I had other dreams that were important to me on a bucket list that at that time had done nothing but sit and collect dust. They were always my someday thoughts, my one day I will do this wishes. Things I had wanted to do with my life.

The great news is I am doing them now – true it is slowly, because as you say the financial hardships of this disease deplete your resources in more ways than one – but I am doing them. And as a result of accomplishing a couple of those things on my bucket list I feel more complete somehow, that if I were to perish tomorrow it would be okay. My life will have meant something.

This foundation you have begun is doing that for you – and it will eventually help thousands of other people as well. Thank you for bringing your idea to life ♡ I will share this with those that I know in an effort to help you realize your dream. And your sister is right…you are in the top 5%, in all the ways that count.

Over the past eight months I have shared this amazing person’s sadness and feelings of insignificance and have learned to find meaning in my writing and now in the formation of the Foundation. KH is absolutely right and, in saying so, has become a significant part of my life.

She is exactly the person we are reaching out to at the Bucket List Foundation.  Precisely the kind of woman who should be living her bucket list goals and inspiring others in the fight to not just survive, but thrive, in the face of life-threatening illness.

KH, you are far from insignificant.  Your legacy extends far beyond the love, support and inspiration you bring to your children and grandchildren.

For me, you epitomize the reason I am so happily exhausted today.


4 thoughts on “Inspiring feedback

  1. Joanne B.

    Good morning,

    A colleague from work posted your link on my FB account this morning. Very encouraging to read your words, see your Bucket List idea grow. Awesome, thank you!

    I have Follicular Lymphoma, diagnosed in ’09. I am currently in remission and back on what my Oncologist calls a Watch & Wait Regeme.

    Today, though, I plan to share your link with my sister, who was diagnosed with Breast Ca just before Christmas last year.

    I live in Vancouver, work as a nurse and thankfully have been able travel up & accompany my sister to several of her Dr’s apts. She lives in a tiny town in the Okanagan and helping her navigate the system these last few months has been interesting to say the least.

    I’m trying to help my sister see some positives in all of this, to gather the courage she needs to face all the appointments with various Doctors and use her voice to be an advocate for herself.

    Look forward to sharing your link with my sister and following your blog!!!

    Joanne B.

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  2. Jeremy Allingham

    Hi there!

    I work for CBC Radio. We are hoping you might be available for an interview about your new foundation tomorrow at 350. If you could please contact me about this, I would appreciate it!



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