My Bucket List Ate My Life

The last few days have been the busiest I have experienced in a very long time. Learning about social media while amidst an explosion of much appreciated but exhausting attention has provided me with endless hours of entertainment and distraction.  Cancer be damned! I have things to do.

The truth is, I am loving the distraction. I was up at 5:00 AM on Tuesday and didn’t put down my tablet until after 9:00 that night.  This morning a local radio station called at 6:30 and Global News anchor, Aaron McArthur, came by to do a story at 11:00.  The story will air on the 6:00 news tomorrow.  In between, the twittersphere and facebook are burning up with support and kind words from far and wide.  I can’t keep up and there is no end in sight.

Wendy has threatened to take away all of my electronic devices at 6:00 every day until I learn to pace myself. She is worried I might overdo it. She should. I am absorbed if not obsessed.

If anyone out there is an expert at wordpress analytics, I would sure like to know why The one thing on my bucket list has over 20,000 views while, on average, my posts reach 60 or 70 people.  It baffles me. It is gratifying and wonderful, but it baffles me.

I began promoting the idea of starting the Canadian Bucket List Foundation a mere 10 days ago.  The response to the GoFundMe page has been amazing!  We are well over 20% funded already. I’m sure I owe that success to all of you who have been tweeting, retweeting, blogging and sharing my bucket list dream.  I can’t thank you all enough.

Another incredible development is the dozens of messages every day from people who can’t support the Foundation financially but want to get involved somehow. Most of them are sick themselves or have lost someone who had a bucket list and never saw it filled.  My heart hurts from reading the messages. It hurts real good.

I have no intention of slowing down. I may learn to pace myself but it won’t happen today. If you see posts and tweets from me after 6:00, it’s because I’ve sneaked into the bathroom with my laptop to escape my loving wife.

Whether I am on this planet for another year or another 50 years, the Canadian Bucket List Foundation will remain my legacy and the item at the very top of my personal bucket list. And my epitaph can read, “His Bucket List Ate His Life”.

Please support the Canadian Bucket List Foundation






17 thoughts on “My Bucket List Ate My Life

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  2. 😄💛 Having a proud mama duck moment! I watch the fB page grow in numbers daily…I remember seeing 7, then 32, then today 999! Very very awesome … that your bucket list is eating your life 😂 Enjoy xo


      1. Wendy Insley Saint-Onge

        Weird. I’m not sure how to fix that. It took us two shots to get the blog up and running, hence the two different addresses. I’ll try to fix it later on


  3. Wendy Insley Saint-Onge

    Your post garnered a lot of views because of the number of shares it received on FB. Congratulations! And don’t forget how important it is for your body to rest. Maybe you should take some locals up on their offers to help, and put them to work managing your social media.


      1. Wendy Insley Saint-Onge

        My blog can be found at It’s there. But now I am curious. Can you try the link again?



    Congratulations George,

    It is good to be ‘engaged and passionate’ about life and its variety. I am glad you are involved with this effort and that it is being so well received … that says a lot about you (and Wendy) and that the idea has merit. Keep on keeping on…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. hugh wilson

    Wow, Things that happen amaze me sometimes, a friend of mine had cancer and now uses some super healthy juice recipes twice a day , so far he is winning. I will get you them .


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