On The TV News!

Global BC News has done a story on me and the Canadian Bucket List Foundation.

GlobalThese guys are amazing. The reporter, Aaron McArthur, was thoughtful and caring. He put me at ease immediately and made the entire experience a pleasure. The consummate professional.

I think they might have been more impressed with Wendy’s garden than with my eloquent vociferation of the goals a purposes of the Foundation. They certainly have a lot more footage of flowers and greenery than they used on the news.

Watch the news item here.

Please support the Canadian Bucket List Foundation


5 thoughts on “On The TV News!


    Excellent George…

    You look good on TV… sound good too!
    As the saying goes: “Reality is the art of imagination”.
    Cheers 🙂


  2. Thank you Gail. I can take no credit whatsoever for the garden, despite the appearances. They asked me to water the plants for “b-reel” footage.

    What’s funny was my hand was hurting like I was holding dry ice, not a watering nozzle. My chemo has made me extremely sensitive to cold touch.


  3. So exciting!!! I can see why you wrote that they might have been more impressed with Wendy’s garden. Your Japanese Maple is stunning. You look great and I think the piece was well done.


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