My First Annual Last Rites, or vice versa

My request a few weeks ago in A Birthday Invitation was meant for the close friends and family who were following this blog at the time. I asked that you all get ready to say your

The Only Wake I Want to See

first annual goodbyes on my birthday, just in case I’m not here next June to say goodbye to.

Since then,family has become outnumbered here by fellow bloggers and interested readers from all over the world.  It is an honour to have you all here and your shares and comments have been generous, warm and encouraging. I am humbled by all the attention.

I would like to particularly thank three very special bloggers who inspire me every day with their empathy, their writings and their strength:

Every one of them is more than worth the time it takes to follow their blogs.

More significantly, my surgeon has given the green light to the resection of my liver and the likelihood that I will not only make it to next year but stand a very good chance of being cured. If I start an annual “last birthday” tradition now, the way things are going, I can quite clearly imagine a 40th annual last birthday. Not what I was expecting when I posted the invitation.

So it is with no disappointment whatsoever that I withdraw A Birthday Invitation and ask you to save your goodbyes for a couple dozen years or so.  Besides, none of you really prepared anything anyway, did you?

So brace yourselves for the chore of reading my ramblings for many years to come. Each time you visit, take a few minutes to use those buttons down there to share and tweet your favourite posts. If you share the same ones every few days, your friends are more likely to actually see them. It means a lot to me.

received_789673447836421Please support the Canadian Bucket List Foundation

If you enjoy or otherwise find any value in my writing, please take the time to share, tweet, reblog and like your favourite posts. Often.


12 thoughts on “My First Annual Last Rites, or vice versa

  1. So incredibly happy that you can have a liver resection. It is simply the best news you could have received. When will it be happening? Your entire family must be over the moon and extremely relieved that your surgeon gave you such a great prognosis.

    I teared up a bit (just a bit, mind you…allegedly) when I read what you had to say about me and my blog. It was an incredibly nice thing to say and I am humbled by your words. Discovering your blog was what I needed at the time, and if I have helped you find your strength in any way, then please know, that you helped me as well.

    I’ll still be following along and expecting great things from you! Cheers and God Bless!!

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    1. This is quite the mutual admiration society we are buildling here. Your writing deserves every word I said and more. I hope my friends and family do visit and discover your story.

      My operation will be in early July sometime. I have to be off the chemo for a clear month before they can cut into me.

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  2. Carol

    I am so Happy for you that you able to get the gift of upgrading your liver and life. You have earned it. Such a fighter. I am honored to able to be enlightened
    by you words.
    Some of us may not have the luxury to be honored with such a gift, but we do have the gift of knowing and making the best of the time that is left. ( not to mention the gift of how we are going)
    I think of you daily and relish in all the ways you are learning and sharing your feelings with honesty and without fear.

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  3. Wendy Insley Saint-Onge

    Ok, I do not fall into the group of friends who were asked to prepare something (I know we’ve never met but honestly, you could have at least ASKED! Haha) but I will happily prepare a good bye song for you. I haven’t perfected it yet, but it goes something like this (make up your own melody. Make sure you sing it, don’t just say the words)

    Goodbye fucking cancer
    Sorry to be so crass
    Goodbye fucking cancer
    You can kiss my ass

    I give you permission to shamelessly steal those intricate lyrics and sing it on your birthday every year for the next 40!

    Seriously though …. I am beyond happy for you and your beautiful wife. I know she’s beautiful because she has a kick ass name! Thanks for the shout out for my blog

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    I am happy to accept your “un-invitation” to your upcoming birthday and I am very glad that you are in a better mood and outlook for celebrating many more…

    Congratulations on the good news Geo…

    cheers 🙂

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  5. Ok, Im crying … you warm my heart xo

    And actually I did prepare something … but I’m quite happy to post a version of it elsewhere and have you around for another 40 years 🙂

    Now I’m smiling 🙂

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