The Strongest Link in the Chain Mail

I swear you people are just trying to make me cry. It seems like every time I open my email inbox or visit these blog pages there is another message telling me what a wonderful Continue reading “The Strongest Link in the Chain Mail”


How baseball fights cancer.

I am emerging from round eight of chemotherapy. Slowly, painfully and with almost zero energy left, I am nevertheless emerging. bottleEvery round it takes a few days longer to recover from being poisoned. I’m pretty sure the medical protocol here is to keep poisoning the patient until they damn near kill him and hope Continue reading “How baseball fights cancer.”

Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was a victim.

I would have written earlier but I have been in literary shock since hearing of the horrible murders in Orlando.  I couldn’t bring myself to write my usual glib attack on the world of cancer and its poisonous treatments. Not while the world around me was staggering in shock and horror over yet another despicable shooting rampage.

Yet I didn’t feel equipped to write about Continue reading “Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was a victim.”