Celebrating 32,000 views!

I have cause to celebrate today, or thought I had. This modest little blog will mark its Capture data232,000th view! I looked at those stats this morning and thought, “only ten short months of spilling my thoughts onto these pages and I am reaching people like I never expected.”

Then I looked again. Over 26,500 of those viewers have read just one of my 104 posts; The Capture dataOne Thing On My Bucket List. Is there something special about that particular post when
compared to my other writing? I can’t see anything.

Was there a one-time reader with millions of followers who was inspired to share that one post? If so who was it? I wish they had continued to read and share.

I have received messages and emails now from dozens of readers who have gone to their doctor and been tested for cancer markers because they read my story. Many of them tell me they caught some cancerous or precancerous polyps that were removed by routine colonoscopy. As a result, 90% of those will never battle cancer the way the rest of us procrastinators are doomed to do.  Wait a year or two too long and you’re in a fight that up to 95% of us will lose.Capture data3 There must be hundreds more who got tested but never took the time to tell me about it. At least I hope so.

I have to believe my writing and your sharing is saving lives. But without you sharing these posts with your friends, they reach nobody new. My loyal readers have the dubious pleasure of reading my preachy cancer warnings over and over, occasionally finding a wee gem of wit or wisdom, but we need to reach new people. That, my friends, is your job. I can’t do it alone.

Sharing your favourites on FB or Twitter gets the word out there and honestly does save lives. For every one hundred friends you have, five of them will develop colorectal cancer. Which of your friends is are literally sitting on the beginnings of their ends?

They tell me that for every hundred times a Facebook post reaches someone’s news feed it is actually read by about seven real live people. Taking a few minutes to browse through the posts and share them again reaches people who missed it the first time. For all your friends to actually read something, you need to share it on Facebook about fourteen times.  Way more than that on Twitter.

I’ll make it easy for you. Some of the more popular posts have been:

  • Some Great News; I don’t think either of us realized the apprehension and dread we carried into Dr. Chung’s office…,
  • 5 Great Things About Having Cancer; If anyone calls you on it, you can always puke all over their shoes and apologise profusely. You’ll be immune from criticism for days!

It takes about 45 seconds to share all five of them.  Do it three times today and you will probably have reached all your friends. In less than two minutes, total, you might save the lives of 5% of your friends.  Do it again tomorrow and encourage your friends to share too! Imagine the lives we can save!

Finally, have you been tested yet? The life you save might be your own.

Please support the Canadian Bucket List Foundation



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