How baseball fights cancer.

I am emerging from round eight of chemotherapy. Slowly, painfully and with almost zero energy left, I am nevertheless emerging. bottleEvery round it takes a few days longer to recover from being poisoned. I’m pretty sure the medical protocol here is to keep poisoning the patient until they damn near kill him and hope the cancer dies first. So far so good I guess.

So the seventh inning stretch is over and we will be entering the top of the ninth when chemo resumes after I recover from my second major surgery. Batter up!

We have a tentative surgery date on either the 19th or 30th of July when Dr. Chung will remove the diseased half of my overworked liver. He says the organ has just suffered from doing its job well. Had it not been working well it wouldn’t have captured and grown any tumors. Ironic, isn’t it, that if I had taken my drinking much more seriously I might have avoided cancer in my liver. Cirrhosis would be so much easier to cope with. To heck with antioxidants! If this surgery works I promise to become a proper drunk. Bring on the hotdogs, crackerjack and beer.

Staying perpetually soused might prove a bit of a problem given the recent events in the world of the Canadian Bucket List Foundation. I am very pleasantly surprised and more than a little humbled at the support and encouragement I’ve received. I guess I’ll need to risk my liver and stay sober enough to run this thing properly.

I met with one of the best charity lawyers in the country on Tuesday and was overwhelmed with the encouragement he and his team gave me. They have already started the process logoof our registration as a society and formulated a solid plan for acquiring charitable status and structuring the society for efficient and effective operations. The Benefic Group is a truly amazing team.

What this means is the Foundation is entering its next phase much earlier than expected. We are ready to accept nominations for bucketlisters and start making dreams come true.

Our first bucketlister will be a young man who is suffering through his second battle with brain tumors. Several years ago this hard-working family man went to the rescue of a woman being attacked on the dark streets of Edmonton. The attackers turned on him and put him in the hospital in a coma. While he was there the doctors discovered his first brain tumor. Shi-res-743be3a3a3272f3ce48362029cc6b981_crop_northurgery, chemo and radiation seemed to eliminate the threat but last year the cancer returned and isn’t responding to medication this time. His bucket list dream is modest. He has been a life-long Toronto Blue Jays fan and has never been to a game.  We want to send him to one.

Naturally, we need your help. We need airfare, accommodations and Blue Jays tickets for two. If you know anyone of influence at an airline, Toronto hotel or the Jays organization, please put us in contact.  Naturally, we are going to need some cash too.

Help us send our first bucketlister to a ball game!


7 thoughts on “How baseball fights cancer.

  1. Carol

    You are such a warrior.
    You know when it comes down to it we can get cancer from anything. Toilet paper, hair spray, computer ink, gum.
    We are chosen to go this road it is to learn a lesson of what life is. And to Value it.
    Before I got cancer I was ignorant to think my body was just my mind, and abused the physical aspect that it keeps me alive.
    I think of what you are going through and how brave you are. Relax, we enjoy having you as a mentor.


    1. Thank you Carol. When I read generous feedback like yours it renews my determination and gives me the energy I need to battle on. The more they poison me the more I need people like you around me. Thank you so much for being there.


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