The Strongest Link in the Chain Mail

I swear you people are just trying to make me cry. It seems like every time I open my email inbox or visit these blog pages there is another message telling me what a wonderful idea my Foundation is or how I have inspired someone to get tested just in time for signs of cancer. I have never in my entire life felt more gratification and success than I do when I read those messages. To know that my writing has saved lives and support for the Foundation is growing every day hurts my heart in the bestest way ever. Thank you my friends.

chain mailWe had our first volunteers’ meeting last night and I’m excited for the future of our growing team. It amazes me that complete strangers will commit their time and energy to realizing my dream. We are having another meeting tonight and if I leave there with as much renewed energy as last night, I might fly home on my own wings.

To top it all off, an astonishing, amazing, astounding and humbling thing just happened. I received an email from a friend in Washington State who received it from a friend of her’s. This is what it said:


This email landed in my inbox and I just knew you were the right person to forward it to..

“Hello my friend,

This is a good old-fashioned chain email. I’m not going to threaten you with 7 years bad luck or any other dire consequences if you don’t follow threw, but I do promise it will feel great to help out this incredible worthy cause. 

I know you won’t disappoint me and you will keep the chain going.

This guy, George Gould, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last September and has been undergoing chemothrapy, radiation and multiple surgeries ever sense in his battle against this horrible, deadly disease. It has ended his teaching career and devastated his family emotionally and financially. But he has never asked for any help for himself from anybody and this chain email isn’t even for him.

I saw this on Global News. George knows he isn’t alone in his fight and troubles and he has started a non-profit society called the Canadian Bucket List Foundation,. His mission is to support other palliative care patients in the realization of their life dreams and bucket list goals. Like Make-A-Wish for adults. He says this is the only thing left on his bucket list.

Just when he is at his greatest need, this man is reaching out to help others in the same boat. The least we can do is drop a few dollars in his bucket and ask a few friends to do the same.

I made a donation and I’m asking you and 4 other friends to give generously.


Then FORWARD THIS to 5 friends who you trust to donate and who will…

     …forward this to 5 friends who will donate and who will…

             …forward this to 5 friends who will donate and who will…

                     …forward this to 5 friends who will donate…

and so on.

Lets help George realize his bucket list dream! Cut & paste & email this to 5 of your friends in 5 minutes or your left arm will turn into a pumpkin”

Who started this? It was unsigned. Apparently it is making its way around. It somehow made it to my friend Joan who got it from someone I don’t even know. Will someone take credit for starting this? Who do I thank for such an incredible gesture? I think it must be someone who donated to my gofundme page but that doesn’t narrow it down much.

I guess it would be inappropriate for me to send it to five of my friends. I wonder how it will feel to have a big orange left arm.





4 thoughts on “The Strongest Link in the Chain Mail


    Hey George.. When you reach out and touch people they will respond… ’tis human nature as you well know. Glad to hear that the “CBLF” is being so wonderfully received by so many… and so good to hear that you are so motivated….

    cheers… Eric

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