Brace yourselves my friends, my family and my faithful followers (yes alliteration is the crutch of the amateur writer) I am about to post an entirely positive experienceleaving-hospital in hospital, and not only one thing went right.  Four entire days in a row of successful procedures, positive test results and miraculous drugs.

I was discharged last Saturday from the same hospital after a week of much more invasive procedures and only then because they, frankly, ran out of things they could do to me. I took home with me one new drain hose from the bile collection in my abdomen (#4 I think), one additional stent in my biliary tree (to encourage more internal drainage), no pictures of the whole new setup to see if it was all in the right places, and one rather frightening very new bacteria that was entirely resistant to any existing antibiotic (aka a Hospital Superbug).

I sat at home over the weekend wondering if the new drain would start seeping out my back, or the stent would drift into my duodenum, or the bacteria would bloom into one of those deadly flesh eating variations. None of that happened, but the drain did entirely stop draining, so it was off to emergency Monday morning.

Things began to improve. There were two possibilities; the classic good news or bad news. Either the drain hose wasn’t in the bile collection (bad), or the bile collection was empty and not refilling (good, very very good indeed).

The super advanced imaging examination, called an MRCP, that was ordered the week before to help guide the stent and drain procedures, was done the day after I returned to hospital. It showed neither good nor bad news but something on the promising side of neutral. There were two bile collections. One was drained entirely and not refilling and the other wasn’t quite reached by the drain hose.  They knocked me out and gave the hose a little push. We’re happily draining again in quantities that suggest an end is in sight.

While the excellent imaging scan and adjustment procedure were proceeding, they used the time to experiment with brand new antibiotics. Super Bug is no more.  The newest concoction of antibiotic killed it in record time.

I’m enjoying the hospitality of Wendy’s parents, Mary and Aurell Trusty, while we transition home. I see some extra napping to be done in my immediate future followed by serious recovery plans as soon as the weather improves.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hoping the very best for you, George. Good to see that even through illness, you haven’t aged a bit. (Neither have I).
    Take care,
    Allyson, a girl from your youth


  2. …and I want you to know that when your serious recovery commences, that I would be more than happy to help you plan out a strategy that speaks to whatever the current fitness level you would be starting at and where you wanted to go. No cost. I want to help.


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