The Blessing in my Curse

I stumbled upon this poem on Facebook this morning. I don’t like to use such things without giving the author credit but I can’t seem to find that information, so I’ll use it and hope someone can tell me who wrote it.FB_IMG_1464445435698

When I was a child, my mother left this world far too early, but she left all of us Continue reading “The Blessing in my Curse”


A Brief Update

I intended to blog today from the Chemo Room at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre. I’m not. I’m writing from the comfort of my couch because I flunked my the-f-wordblood test. I’ve never failed a test before. They should really Continue reading “A Brief Update”

On The TV News!

Global BC News has done a story on me and the Canadian Bucket List Foundation.

GlobalThese guys are amazing. The reporter, Aaron McArthur, was thoughtful and caring. He put me at ease immediately and made the entire experience a pleasure. The consummate professional.

I think they might have been more impressed with Wendy’s garden than with my eloquent vociferation of the goals a purposes of the Foundation. They certainly have a lot more footage of flowers and greenery than they used on the news.

Watch the news item here.

Please support the Canadian Bucket List Foundation

The one thing on my bucket list

I’m writing today from the chemo clinic at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre. ClinicThey have me plugged in to the IV drips and the poisons are flowing. This is the sixth round of chemo and I thought it might be the last. My oncologist told me yesterday there will be at least 6 more. Three more months of chemo brain and getting my ass whipped at Scrabble.

She also told me that, depending on the opinion of the liver surgeon in two weeks, we may be dealing with an indefinite period of chemo treatments. Lovely. Continue reading “The one thing on my bucket list”